SafePackage is a fully automated customs compliance platform for e-commerce. It is a patented, frictionless, e-commerce product screening system that automatically identifies suspected customs compliance violations based on documented Customs rules and publicly available information.

SafePackage screening is applied prior to shipping to maintain compliance with importation laws and to efficiently clear Customs without interruptions or delays. In addition SafePackage is used to audit sellers, suppliers, and existing inventory to quickly gain insight into potential violations.

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Identifies Violations

SafePackage identifies IP infringements (copyright, trademark and patent-based), Partner Government Agenciy (USDA, FDA, DOT, CPSC, ...) regulatory violations, and Transportation Security issues.

Assures Data Accuracy

SafePackage meets the highest data accuracy standards. SKU, name, full description, images, list price, and the URL are all collected and verified by SafePackage prior to manifesting and filing importation entries.

Reduces Delays

SafePackage ensures your shipments comply with all applicable importation rules and regulations, so you can expect more favorable clearance, protection from penalties and seizures, ultimately building trust and loyalty among your customers.

Up-Front Screening

SafePackage enables e-commerce companies to electronically inspect products and packages prior to shipment. SafePackage inspection and data validation facilitates a rapid movement of shipments through the global delivery network and reduces Customs inspection time in the destination country.

Inventory Audit

SafePackage electronically screens existing product inventory through publicly available data. This inventory audit quickly determines individual product compliance against current regulations. SafePackage also provides ongoing audits as new products are added to inventory or as product eligibility regulations change.

Predictable Transit Times

SafePackage improves transit times for shipments and promotes a more consistent and predictable delivery schedule. This significantly improves the customer experience and results in more repeat business.

Upstream Accountability

SafePackage enables companies to quickly and efficiently identify sellers or suppliers who are distributing illegal, counterfeit, or pirated goods. Businesses use SafePackage data to bring infringing entities into compliance or remove them as partners.

Risk Mitigation

SafePackage provides future-proof compliance with import laws, eliminating concern that new regulations might catch an organization off guard. SafePackage continuously updates rules and assessment criteria so that ongoing compliance is never a question.