PreClear is a hybrid, patent pending, cloud-based software solution utilizing Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Programmable Rules Engine technology that classifies and detects non-compliant goods based on publicly available product information.

Machine Learning

By utilizing our proprietary, cutting edge, machine learning algorithms, the PreClear system is capable of identifying and correctly classifying e-commerce products into one of 300 pre-defined, manifest-friendly categories.

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Computer Vision

By applying specialized state-of-the-art image recognition technology, the PreClear system is able to accurately detect intellectual property infringements even if no other piece of product data indicate such violations.

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Rules Engine

In order to provide our clients with the most up to date screening results, the PreClear system uses our proprietary programmable rules engine repository which is carefully maintained by the team of our customs compliance and transportation experts.

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Automatically detects non-compliant products within seconds

The PreClear system is able to accurately detect a wide array of customs related issues with the merchandise, including:

  • Potential IP infringements
  • Goods subject to FDA, USDA, DOT, CPSC regulations
  • Goods subject to IATA transportation regulations
  • Other US importation law issues

Automatically classifies products necessary for customs manifesting

The PreClear system automatically classifies e-commerce products into pre defined set of categories. The category name is ideal for US customs manifesting purposes.

Fast, accurate and reliable

The PreClear screening system is a robust cloud service that allows for high speed, accuracy, scalability and reliability standards critical to your operational success. The PreClear system is:

  • Fast - It takes only a second to decide if the merchanidse is compliant or not
  • Accurate - The accuracy is comparable to that of a team of highly trained data screening professionals
  • Flexible - Can adapt to any change in regulations
  • Scalable - Can easily handle any volume with predictable cost
  • Reliable - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime


Simple, flexible, no-nonsence pricing model that scales with your business. No additional costs - pay only for what you use. You decide which service type to apply on case-by-case basis.


  • Screening
  • Classification


  • Screening
  • Classification
  • Image recognition


  • Screening
  • Classification
  • Image recognition
  • Expert verification

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The PreClear is currently an invite-only program. If you are interested in the solution and would like to enroll in the pilot program, please click on the button below.